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 CDSoundMaster Collections: Technical Details
 CDS Nebula Program FAQ's
 Number & Frequency Of Releases
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Posted - 07/02/2010 :  17:26:50  Show Profile  Visit clubvst's Homepage Send clubvst a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This frequently asked question response is based upon user feedback.
Essentially, there are a few that wonder why I've got so many programs and why I release them quickly.

I hope that everyone who enjoys recording either as a dedicated hobby or more serious, finds their way to Nebula and find at least one or two programs that I've developed as the absolute answer to their analog sound. For the dedicated Nebula users that have been so amazing and supportive of my releases, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it and how inspiring it is to me to fulfill these milestone goals. I count you as blessings and your interest in this is largely why I work so hard on these libraries.

So, one of the most important reasons for the number of releases and the reason I try to work hard to release things fairly steadily is that it helps bring new interest in Nebula, and between every release I find there are new customers that found Nebula because of one of my libraries. I believe in what Giancarlo is doing, and sometimes I release programs for free and usually I need to release something commercial partially to pay back what was spent and the hours invested. But, everytime I release something there are a few wonderful new Nebula users. As we know, Nebula comes with questions, so there is a lot of time dedicated to help answer these questions.

One thing that I know for certain is that no one can please everyone.

What I can learn as an individual, as a mastering engineer, as a Nebula Library developer and as a Software Developer, is that I have to believe in the goals I want to fulfill, and I value people's input who genuinely want to use what I offer and learn from something I may have to say.

Regardless of how many people might weigh in on different topics, the truth is that I get a really good sense of what people want and often there is direct opposition.

No matter what I decide to focus on for a release or for a series of releases, someone will be thrilled and someone else will be unhappy. I would love to get 100% positive response from what I do. It would feel wonderful! Usually, I am able to help directly and hands on and get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that when people need help with music recording they can ask something and I can offer something that benefits them. Awesome!

But, when things like price, or the size of a program library, or the proximity of one release to another, there is never going to be perfect agreement from customers.

The closest proximity of CDS releases has been one week apart.
The longest time between releases for me has been 2.5 months.

First, let me answer this: why are you releasing things to quickly?

Well, I try to gauge things as best as I can, and I have spent as much as 6 weeks working on a single eq release. Fortunately, I discovered things that led to direct changes to the Nebula engine in many of these processes. But, consider that the more hours that go into fine tuning my release and the engine of the vst itself, the more I am counting on the success of a release to help cover the time that went into the process.

When comparing what I release to others, please consider that I have been releasing free and commercial programs for Nebula for longer than those that are now 'in the market'. I discussed the conditions and interest in a commercial library with Giancarlo for months before RASS was first released. I worked with others for a lot for beta work and for other full time work while squeezing in as much time for research and development as possible. While working on recording projects, mastering projects, and also as a professional visual artist (there was a long time where I was painting 12-14 hours/day and trying to get in 2 hours of Nebula work).

All of this to say that I have more programs because I have been releasing them longer than anything there is to compare them to.

Also, in comparison to another developer mentioned, that person was gone for 7-8 months. Now that they are back, I think we are seeing quite an increase in the rate of their releases, but they still are working around whatever other projects they have going on.

I am beyond the 50/50 mark of how much work time I dedicate to Nebula and software releases and other things that would normally be a source of income. I take it seriously, and I plan far ahead of time.

There was a 2 month process going into the coordination and planning of the Classic Console Series, and I have specific arrangements for the decisions that go into what classic EQ's I will release.

What may seem like two releases back to back, to me go back 2 months of working planning testing, and a lot of money spent going into the process. I could spread the releases out more and continually ask for less and less. What would result is fewer releases, less time for customer Q&A, and most likely some rare items that simply wouldn't appear in Nebula.

It is a building process, and it took a long time to get good at the sampling art, and it is something that I believe in and believe in applying to something useful.

My hope is that once a full series of consoles is achieved, which compliment the items officially discussed between myself and other developers, that the Nebula customer base will feel that they have all of the best options to choose from out of any recording platform, and that there are consoles available to DAW users that simply would have been unobtainable otherwise. When I have finished my initial goal for eq's I hope that people will feel that they can customize their virtual Nebula recording rack with ALL of the high end eq's they want to use, leaving out the ones that they don't particularly care about.

I could make the decision for everyone, and simply bypass some of the choices, but I think it is better serving to everyone to have more great choices, and who cares if it takes a few weeks or months to afford buying something that is just an extra item. For $20-40 I think it is easier to have the luxury of an extra Pultec or Neve classic as opposed to only having a couple of real hardware items... ever!

I think of this similar to other major developers as well.
I don't know if you have noticed that some trends that we create here in Nebula world very much become what you see elsewhere. But I have seen many similar concerns and complaints in other developer forums. It is impossible to please everyone. You either release too often or not often enough. There is always someone else that someone likes more or less or prefers the methodology of. Someone will always ask hugely more for their product and far too little.

What I am dedicated to is to provide the very best, base all library decisions on ease of use balanced with cpu requirements and forward thinking, pricing outrageously low to make it possible for anyone, and to be 110% dedicated to caring about other people and their needs; dedicated to teaching, learning, and helping others. If I know I give my best and do my best, I can feel good about the results even when there are people that wish things different. I know that CDS customers know there is a difference; they know I care about the same things in recording excellence, and I am 'one of them' at heart as well. I love Nebula and use it for recording and mastering with amazing results.

So, it is hard to say; do I intentionally hold releases back to bait more reaction? Do I ignore things I am dedicated to releasing because some people may pass on it? Should I spend more time on other recording projects and place more time on the visual art business to earn what I must to cover our mortgage and place a lot less focus on Nebula? I don't think those are the answers. I think I am doing what I am meant to be doing, and I hope that it continues to bring joy to people that use the programs.

There is an actual limit to the number of eq's and classic consoles I plan to release, and there are projects coming that are going to take an enormous amount of new research to get them right. There are just a few more items in these collections that I know for certain I want to release. There are many, many requests for certain things that I hope to get out there, and there are free releases I am working towards as well.

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Posted - 09/04/2010 :  19:05:38  Show Profile Send avva a Private Message  Reply with Quote
development of the CoreII Engine has been and still is fantastic... reading M.A. investments in Beta`ing is also so...

no way 20-40 usd is anywhere expensive and I truly hope you`ll expand your limit for releases...

(first we take the originals, then we do the modded ones...)
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